Oasis Medical Solutions brings exceptional medical devices to market quickly without compromising quality or cost.

Who says you can’t have all three?

Time Efficient Model

-Because of the distributed nature of our project handling model, our experts remain focused on the tasks at hand, without the distractions of company politics or excessive training requirements. Any necessary meetings are conducted online or by phone, which helps reduce idle time.
-Project monitoring takes place online with each professional updating the data as the work progresses, thus creating an up-to- the-minute status report.
-Human Interface is typically more than 50% of any project. With our innovative use of simulation, we have vastly reduced the specification time, as well as the need for change orders.

Cost Effective Model

This model of design development is cost effective because we are using experts in the field, but for only on a time needed basis. Skilled professionals are not only efficient, but they don’t waste time coming up to speed with the project. They are already there! Furthermore, costs are minimized by having a distributed network which decreases overhead, costly facility maintenance, and Human Resources.

Quality Effective Model

-We take experts from all over the country and utilize their strengths without uprooting them from their home location. These skilled professionals are ready to go now and need no training to get their job done.
-We maintain our own quality system and we can use it, or utilize the quality system of the hiring company. We can respond to the needs each project demands.
-Our experts are not only good at what they do, they also like doing it. How could you ask for more? With skilled professionals like these, our product development quality is one of the highest in the industry.